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  • christopher christopher, Man

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    Age: 31

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  • mabel mabel, Woman

    Seeking: Men

    Age: 23

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  • cuteyes cuteyes, Man

    Seeking: Women

    Age: 33

    Country: United Kingdom / Cambridgeshire

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  • latedate13 latedate13, Man

    Seeking: Men

    Age: 57

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  • spanky spanky, Man

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  • jduck1979 is offline Some of my Youtube vids Posted on 04/05/2013 11:32 AM by jduck1979

    From when it snowed back in January
    (my first vid to pass 1,000 views)

    Random vid of me chopping carrots

    See more ...Read more

  • jduck1979 is offline Hoping to learn to drive again soon Posted on 11/09/2012 10:46 PM by jduck1979

    I've been meaning & hoping to get round to this for years, I got my first license back on my 17th Birthday in March 1996, and me having driving lessons came to a halt for various reasons back in year 2000 just as i was getting fairly decent at it.

    Now I'm starting to try get started again. Already contacted one local ...Read more